Release: Lt. Governor Patrick Announces His Plan to Hide From Voters

 Declines Debates Before Invitations Even Sent

Houston, TX — TODAY, Texas Democratic Lt. Governor Nominee, Mike Collier reacts to Monday’s Texas Tribune article in which Lt. Governor Dan Patrick confirmed he refuses to face voters. This comes before any formal invitations have been sent by media outlets.

From the article in the Tribune:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick does not intend to debate his Democratic challenger, Mike Collier, before Election Day, according to Patrick’s campaign.

Collier has not formally challenged Patrick to any debates but has needled him on Twitter over the topic, suggesting the incumbent will not spar with him because he does not want to discuss his record.

Per Collier, “The Lt. Governor is rejecting debates before invitations are even sent out by media. As I assumed he would, he’s dodging and refusing to answer for his record. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about Dan Patrick. Not debating would be a disservice to voters that want to hear where candidates for one of Texas’ most powerful positions stand on the issues affecting the state. If the Lt. Governor “relishes debates” then I see no reason why we shouldn’t hold several all across the great state of Texas.”

“While I have been traveling the state conducting town halls with voters on the issues that matter most, Dan Patrick remains in his bunker, sending out audio snippets to the few supporters that remain, that are chock full of spin and nonsense.”

  • In the 2018 Texas primary, more voters chose Democrats or an alternative to Dan Patrick in the Lt. Governor election
  • Patrick’s opponent endorsed Mike Collier and has actively campaigned on Collier’s behalf
  • In the most recently released poll (put out by Conservative outlet, Breitbart), Collier only trails Patrick by 2 points
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