RELEASE: “Dictator Dan” Messes with Texas

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Announces Dictatorial Plan to Destroy Texas Universities and Economy

Austin, Texas— Today, Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced that he intends to demand an autocratic end to tenure policies at public universities in Texas. This announcement comes following a non-binding resolution passed by the University of Texas Faculty Council which reaffirmed the right of professors to maintain academic freedom in the classroom. 

Texas Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor Mike Collier issued the following statement:

“In an attempt to distract from his recently revealed, egregious vote-by-mail scheme, today, Dan Patrick threatened authoritative actions that challenge the integrity of our professors and of our public universities.

“Ending tenure for university professors will destroy every public university in the state of Texas by eliminating competitive job opportunities for academic leaders. Whether it be Texas Tech or Texas A&M, the University of Houston or the University of Texas, we will see an exodus of our state’s best and brightest, doing massive and irreparable damage to our economy. If Dan Patrick has his way, Texas will lose thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in business, and forever tarnish the prestige of Texas. 

“Eight years of Dan Patrick have made one thing clear: Dan Patrick will sacrifice our public schools and our state for his own political gains.