Dan Patrick Agrees to Debate… Geraldo?

Latest stunt shows Lt. Gov. has no respect for Texans

Houston, TX — TODAY, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick put out a tweet saying he is agreeing to debate Fox News personality, Geraldo Rivera, who is not a candidate for any public office in Texas, nor anywhere else in the United States. This comes as Patrick continually refuses to debate his actual opponent, Democratic Lt. Governor Nominee, Mike Collier.



Per Collier, “Wait… so Dan Patrick has agreed to a debate on Fox, but with Geraldo Rivera? Texans see right past this clown. Dan is so scared of facing Texas voters, he refuses to debate the issues in the state where he holds office and against his actual opponent, me. There’s no need to get Sean Hannity to book anything. We have an open offer from Fox on the table right now, and neither of us has to travel. Quit the stunts Dan, and stand up for yourself right here. Or are you not Texan enough?”

“If Dan Patrick had an ounce of respect for Texas voters, he would agree to the debate that has already been offered to each of us by Fox. Agreeing to debate a TV personality instead of his opponent shows a blatant disregard for the people he serves. Hey Dan, don’t spit in your constituents’ faces and tell them it’s raining.”