October 22, 2018


Unanimous Endorsement Shows Collier is Only Choice to Lead Texas

Houston, TX — TODAY, Democrat for Lt. Governor, Mike Collier, is honored to have received the unanimous endorsements of every major endorsing newspaper in the state of Texas. Collier was endorsed by: The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, and The San Angelo Standard-Times. In addition, The Beaumont Enterprise refused to endorse any Republican incumbent that refused to debate their opponent, as has Dan Patrick, calling that refusal, “(a) blatant insult to voters”.

To the best knowledge of the Collier Campaign, incumbent Dan Patrick received not a single endorsement from a newspaper in Texas.

Quotes from some of Collier’s endorsements include:

“Collier has ideas. Patrick’s tenure has been marked by divisiveness and punting — particularly on school finance.” (San Antonio Express-News)

“Collier could provide strong fiscal leadership and a collaborative tone conducive to addressing the state’s complex challenges.” (Dallas Morning News)

“We give our full-throated endorsement to Mike Collier for lieutenant governor, not just because we oppose Patrick’s petty, divisive and cynical approach to the job, but because we refuse to accept that in just 20 years, Texas’ most powerful legislative office can’t be won by a person who puts people before politics, a statesman.” (The Houston Chronicle)

“He’s sensible, education-focused, an experienced success in private business and a conservative pragmatist who has chosen to call himself a Democrat. Incumbent Dan Patrick, champion of the mean-spirited bathroom bill, is an example of the worst that the Republican Party has to offer. Unlike Patrick, Collier would not let wedge issues get in the way of education funding reform and meaningful property tax relief.” (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)

“Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s policies are well known. It appears to us Collier, who is challenging Patrick in the Nov. 6 midterm elections, has a better alternative (San Angelo Standard-Times)

Per Collier: “These endorsements reflect what Texans all over the state are thinking. My opponent cannot defend his record on school funding, property taxes, nor anything else over his 4 years in office. He will be fired this coming November, and these endorsements are a reflection of why. Texas supports me and wants Dan Patrick out of office as soon as possible.”

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