Release: Collier Accepts Lt. Governor Debate to Be Aired on Fox Stations in Texas

August 13, 2018

Dem. Lt. Gov. Nominee Willing to Discuss the Issues
on Patrick’s Home Turf

Houston, TX — TODAY, Democratic Lt. Governor Nominee, Mike Collier, formally accepted an invitation to debate Dan Patrick, issued by KRIV Fox 26 in Houston and to be aired across the state.

Over the last several months, Lt. Governor Patrick has avoided nearly all press inquiries, with the exception of Fox News, on which he has appeared several times. Recently, Patrick declined to comment for articles from The Houston Chronicle, The Austin American-Statesman, The Texas Tribune, and The Texas Observer. In addition, Patrick has said he has no plans to debate Collier, nor has he sat for a single Editorial Board meeting. Collier’s first comments on the debate will be aired exclusively on Fox 26 News tonight at 5 p.m.

Per Collier, “I accept Fox’s offer and will expose Dan Patrick’s many failures as Lt Governor. You can’t raise property taxes, slash funding for public education, and waste everyone’s time on a hateful bathroom bill and NOT come forward and defend yourself.”

“I’m ready to debate anytime and anywhere. Bring on the The Good, The Dan, and The Ugly of his 4 years in office.”

“There is no reason for Lt. Governor Patrick to decline this debate. If as he says, he ‘relishes debates’, then he’d come forward.”

“However, my sense is he will refuse to answer for himself, even on the one network he is not afraid of. Instead, for the first time in his career as a TV and radio loudmouth, he cowers in silence. That’s because I have command of the facts, and Dan Patrick knows it.”

“Dan Patrick isn’t Texan enough to put himself in front of voters. Any leader not willing to defend their record is unfit to lead.”

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