RELEASE: Coalition of Texas Democratic Party Leaders Endorse Mike Collier for Lt. Governor

December 2, 2021


Devon Cruz

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RELEASE: Coalition of Texas Democratic Party Leaders Endorse Mike Collier for Lt. Governor

Solidifies Support Across the State for Democratic Nomination

Austin, Texas—Today, Texas Democratic Party officers across the state announced their endorsement of Mike Collier to be the 2022 Democratic nominee for Texas Lt. Governor. The endorsements from 26 members of the Texas Senate Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC)—representing every region of the state—demonstrate the momentum Collier has built since launching his candidacy and illustrate the party’s confidence in his path to unseating Dan Patrick.

This announcement comes on the heels of endorsements from State Representatives James Talarico and John Bucy, and follows a strong message of support from Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa.

On December 11, 2021, Collier will attend the SDEC meeting in Laredo and stand alongside these endorsing members as he officially files for the 2022 ballot.

The list of SDEC endorsers includes: 

• Ben Dickson, Diana (SD-1)

• Nancy Nichols, Tyler (SD-1)

• Kendall Scudder, Dallas (SD-2)

• Cristan Shamburger, Commerce (SD-2)

• Mike Midler, Conroe (SD-4)

• Maurice Washington, Mexia (SD-5)

• Jesse Ybanez, Houston (SD-7)

• Rebecca Arredondo, Richardson (SD-8)

• M. Emad Salem, Euless (SD-10)

• Susan Criss, Galveston (SD-11)

• Prince Winbush III, Houston (SD-15)

• David Griggs, Farmers Branch (SD-16)

• Susan Bradley, Irving (SD-16)

• Tom Gederberg, Houston (SD-17)

• Joan Riviera Simoncelli, Cibolo (SD-19)

• Jen Ramos, Austin (SD-21)

• Tammie Hartgroves, McGregor (SD-22)

• Dana Rushing, Horseshoe Bay, (SD24)

• Andres Lopez, San Antonio (SD-25)

• Jamie Eickhoff, San Antonio (SD-25)

• Robert Vargas, San Antonio (SD-26)

• Cynthia Guttierez, San Juan (SD-27)

• David Langston, Lubbock (SD-28)

• David Currie, San Angelo (SD-28)

• Mike Purcell, Amarillo (SD-31)

• Donna Beth McCormick, Austin

See below for selected statements from the endorsing SDEC members:

When it comes to the real issues faced by Texans, Mike has never shied away from listening or asking how he can help. His compassion, shrewd understanding of policy, and advocacy towards actual solutions over platitudes make him the right person for the job. Historically, our communities have been neglected, ignored, and taken for granted for far too long. With Mike Collier as Lieutenant Governor, we can be certain that won’t happen again.Jen Ramos, Austin (SD-21)

I wholeheartedly endorse my friend, Mike Collier, for Lt. Governor. He has been on-the-ground fighting for us for years, is a champion for democratic values and understands our issues better than anyone else. Mike Collier will take the fight to Dan Patrick and is the best choice to be our Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.Robert Vargas, San Antonio (SD-26)

With our public schools constantly under attack by extremist Republicans, our next Lt. Gov. needs to understand public school financing, and know how to deliver results. Mike has spent a lifetime preparing to lead us in this very moment, and I can’t wait to see the great things he’ll accomplish for our state.Kendall Scudder, Dallas (SD-2)

I met Mike Collier during the 2013-2014 campaign season and found him approachable, knowledgeable, and personable, just to mention a few of his attributes. Mike has driven across Texas since 2014 listening to the concerns, issues, and needs of Texans. Mike will be a Lieutenant Governor that advocates for all Texans – metropolitan, rural, non urban, and suburban residents and will work across the aisle for the betterment of Texans irregardless of party affiliation. Please join me in voting for Mike Collier for Texas Lieutenant Governor.Tammie Hartgroves, McGregor (SD-22)

Mike will bring intelligence, compassion, and integrity to Texas.  We’ve gone too long with laws that harm the working class, women, teachers, school children, people of color, the rural areas, and the underserved. Mike has fresh ideas and a clearly articulated plan to right the wrongs that our Texas legislature has perpetrated upon the good citizens of Texas. And finally, he will fix the damn grid!Dana Rushing, Horseshoe Bay, (SD24)

Today I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Mike Collier for Lt. Governor.  Mike will do a great job for the citizens of Texas. His plans to “Fix the Damn Grid!” are long overdue. We cannot afford another winter like last year when over 200 Texans lost their lives because the grid failed. Mike’s stance on social issues as well as fiscal issues aligns with mine and I believe he will make a great leader in the Texas Senate and form a great team with Beto as our Governor.Mike Midler, Conroe (SD-4)

I have known Mike Collier since we were in college. He is a good man and will make a great Lt. Governor. Mike Is not running to be someone important. He is running to do important and necessary things that people need done in this state.” Susan Criss, Galveston (SD-11)

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