The bi-partisan support group for public schools, Texas Parent PAC, which endorses legislative candidates of both major parties, for the first time endorsed two candidates for statewide office.

The group, which was formed in 2005 with a goal of electing more state legislators who would advocate for public education, on Oct. 4 endorsed Democrats Mike Collier for lieutenant governor and Justin Nelson for attorney general.

“Texas Parent PAC is delighted to endorse Mike Collier for Lt. Governor,” said Dinah Miller of Dallas, a member of the group’s board of directors.

“Collier is a leader who will provide Texas children with top-notch public schools in every neighborhood and in every city and town in Texas,” Miller predicted.

“The incumbent, Dan Patrick, rules the Texas Senate with an iron fist to promote his personal agenda. Patrick stops good education legislation and pushes to passage bills that would harm our schools.”

(Dan) Patrick, a conservative Houston radio talk show host who spent several years as a state senator before his election in 2014 to preside over the body, “was elected to rein in property taxes, fix school funding, and protect Texas’ standing in the business community.

“Instead, he did the opposite,” Collier charged. “He ignored schools while letting property taxes skyrocket. He wasted everyone’s time on a so-called ‘Bathroom Bill.’

“This disturbing and discriminatory legislation would threaten transgender people’s health and participation in public life,” Collier said. “The business community was repulsed by Patrick’s bizarre obsession with potties.”