By: David Jennings

From where I sit on the coast of Texas in Harris County, the bigger opportunity for Democrats is the Lt. Gov. post. The Lt. Gov. of Texas is a far more powerful position than a U.S. Senator for everyday Texans, as evidenced by how little Ted has been able to do for the state, even under a Republican president.

Collier is an intriguing candidate for moderate and fiscal conservative Republicans. A CPA, MBA, CFO – you get it, he’s got the acronyms down. But he also worked in the oil business. And he’s a Longhorn. Heck, he probably even goes to church!

On the issues, he’s taking Patrick head-on on Patrick’s signature issue – property taxes. Maybe other Republicans are like me and tune out when Patrick mentions property taxes and are willing to listen to a financial guy instead of political rhetoric. Who knows? After all, property taxes may be Dan’s signature issue but in his now 12 years in office (hard to believe, isn’t it), Dan hasn’t done anything to actually address the problem in any substantial way or we wouldn’t be talking about it, would we?



Will Texas Democrats poach moderate, open-minded Republicans?