Team Collier Releases First Radio Advertisement in the Rio Grande Valley

First Radio Ad Released in Rio Grande Valley

TODAY, February 13th, The Campaign for Democratic Lt. Governor Candidate, Mike Collier, has launched its first radio advertisement of the 2018 Primary Season with initial distribution in the Rio Grande Valley. The ads will run daily from now through the March 6th Primary. Listen to the spot now by clicking on the Soundcloud link on this page.

Quotes from the ad include the following:

”Mike Collier is working very hard every day to be your next Lt Governor. For the state's most powerful position, Texas needs a leader that you can trust. That leader is Mike Collier. As Lt. Governor Mike Collier will make sure Valley families have access to healthcare, great educations, and good paying jobs. And when elected, Mike Collier will also restore dignity and compassion to the capital.”

In response to the first airings of the ad, Collier said the following:

“I focused my first radio ad in the Rio Grande Valley because RGV voters want a leader who has their values and will fight for them in the legislature.”

Press Release | Posted on February 13, 2018