This is what keeps us free

We get one chance every ten years to refresh and renew democracy. That's when Texas re-draws congressional districts. Our next chance will follow the 2020 Census.

Except nothing will be renewed or refreshed if Dan Patrick clings to power. He and his junta will use redistricting to silence Texans who believe in public education, fair taxation, and compassion.

Which is most of us.

That's why I am urging all candidates, Democratic and Republican alike, to turn 2018 into a referendum on gerrymandering. If we don't kill gerrymandering, gerrymandering will kill democracy.

Together, we can make sure every Texan's vote counts. Chip in now to build the movement!

As Lt. Governor, I will fight to create a Texas Redistricting Commission, as far removed from partisan politics as we can make it. Let citizens draw the districts, then let politicians earn our vote!  That's what our Founding Fathers envisioned. That's what allows democracy to work. That's what keeps us free.

With freedom and democracy under assault, it's time to renew and refresh our politics. Killing gerrymandering for good is the most important step.

Mike's Update | Posted on December 7, 2017