Seen this movie before? (spoiler alert)

Well, the U.S. Senate voted to pass the Republican tax plan in the wee hours this morning -- and it looks like the fix is in.
I would urge all Americans, when evaluating the tax plan, to take a close look at Texas and see what happens when you get hoodwinked by the GOP. Texans have seen this movie before.
Our property taxes are through the roof, not because we're spending more, but because we've given big corporations massive tax cuts. We're also taking on debt, leaving our children in a bad spot, not because spending is out of control but because we keep loopholes open for big corporations. And we break promises to people who are counting on us, like retired teachers, not because we are a poor state, but because our state's Republican leaders just don't care.
And for what? They promise lots of jobs and prosperity. But those promises never come true.
Despite all the favors we do for the big corporations at the expense of the people who live and work here, employment rates in Texas are no longer all that impressive. Things are slipping badly, and families are worried.
The fiscal and economic leadership from Republicans in Texas just hasn't been good for working and middle class families.
Not even close, and it's the main reason I am running for Texas Lt. Governor.
We're going to fight back. We're going to fix this mess. We're going to put the people back in charge.
Are you with me? Let's show 'em that we've got what it takes to get Texas -- and America -- back on track.

Mike's Update | Posted on December 2, 2017