The Texas Tribune gets it!

Did you see the Texas Tribune article over the weekend?

The Tribune picked up on something I've been saying for months. Loyal Texans around the state are entering Democratic primaries in record numbers. We are fed up with rigged politics and the absurd and hateful policies of the Republican junta in Austin.

We're fighting back, and we're going to make the pundits' heads spin in November 2018.

In my 2014 Election Report I wrote that down-ballot races are essential to our comeback effort. Donald Trump's victory started the inferno. Teachers, farmers, accountants(!), entrepreneurs, engineers, managers, ordinary neighbors, devoted family men and women, you name it: good Democrats are pouring into this fight.

For democracy. For civility. For honesty and respect in politics. 

I saw this first hand when I traveled the state in the spring. I felt the energy. I decided to take on Dan Patrick because I knew we could win!

This is very exciting and you are a big part of this.
Mike's Update | Posted on November 27, 2017