Mike Collier Officially Files for Texas Democrat Lt. Governor

For Immediate Release November 13, 2017 Contact: Scott Spiegel, [email protected]

Mike Collier Officially Files for Texas Democrat Lt. Governor

Austin, TX -- TODAY, November 13th, 2017, Mike Collier filed paperwork to seek the Democratic Party nomination for Texas Lt. Governor.

Mike Collier issued the following statement:

“My name is Mike Collier and today I filed to enter the Texas Lt Governor race.

“Taxes are skyrocketing for Texas families, yet corporations were given huge tax breaks. All the while our public schools, a vital part of our community and our future, are languishing. Texans are getting a truly rotten deal, and when they learn the details they'll fire Dan Patrick. Here in Austin for example, school taxes are $1 billion, but $400 million of that goes to the state, not Austin schools. And while these recapture payments are exploding, not just in Austin but around Texas, the state is using that money not for public education, but to cut big corporate taxes.

“When I figured this out, years ago, I quit the Republican Party and joined the Democrats. Dan Patrick is taking money from Texas families and starving our schools and this must stop. It is time to fight back.

“Some say Democrats can’t win statewide. I say this: if you force property taxes to skyrocket, then use that money for corporate tax cuts, and try to blame schools, you're toast. I don't care what party you're with.

“Don’t spit on a Texan and tell him it’s raining.

“Our property tax system is rigged and I’m going to un-rig it. Dan Patrick never will. Dan Patrick is the enemy of public education and teachers. I am their champion, because that’s what I am passionate about.

“There will be much more to my campaign than public education and unrigging the property tax system. Texas is losing its luster in the business community. Companies are shocked and embarrassed that our top leaders are off-the-charts hostile to diversity and inclusion.

“Dan Patrick has seriously damaged Texas' reputation with his fake bathroom nonsense and his anti-immigrant hysteria. If we don't fire Dan Patrick, our Texas miracle will become a Texas calamity.

“Finally, I want to bring compassion and empathy back to Texas politics. Compassion and empathy are Texas values. They are gone, and we need to bring them back.

“I’m running for Lt. Governor to mop up Dan Patrick's mess, to achieve excellence in public education, to make property taxes fair again, to restore Texas’ invaluable luster in the business world, and to restore compassion, empathy, and respect in Texas policy.

“I'm Mike Collier and I’m running for Lt. Governor to make Texas Proud.”

Mike Collier is a proven business leader with an unblemished record of integrity and service. He is committed to excellent public education, reforming school funding, making property taxes fair again, and genuine fiscal responsibility. Mike and his wife Suzanne met at the University 0f Texas and have been married almost 29 years. They have two sons (and a wonderful daughter-in-law from Brazil), both of whom attended public schools and graduated from UT. Mike ran for Texas Comptroller in 2014 on the Democratic Ticket and served as Finance Chair for the Texas Dem. Party until March, 2017.

Press Release | Posted on November 13, 2017