Let's Make This Official!

I am proud to tell you that today, I officially filed paperwork to seek the Democratic Party nomination for Texas Lt. Governor!

I've spent 40+ years in this great state, and I am continually inspired by its people, its power, and its potential. Texans have a long record of innovation in business and technology and fiercely independent thought that makes Texas the finest place in the world to live, work, and raise a family. And in one year, I'll be proud – Texas Proud – to defeat Dan Patrick and become the next Lt. Governor.

Pitch in $3 a month for the next 12 months to join our Texas Proud movement!

Dan Patrick has already started raking in big checks from his corporate donors. He's wildly unpopular, and those buckets of special interest cash are the only things keeping him in power. And he knows it.

We're fighting back.

Not just for education and property tax reform.

Not just to restore compassion and civility.

Not just to end corruption and restore accountability.

We're fighting back to restore the democracy that thousands of Americans have fought and died for.

Twelve monthly donations will support our fight to fire Dan Patrick and make Texas Proud.

With you on the team, we can send Dan Patrick packing, un-rig property taxes, have great local schools, and make Texas Proud again.


Mike's Update | Posted on November 13, 2017