Only Dan Patrick would lose $2.4 billion, find it again, and STILL make teachers pay for it

Earlier this year, Dan Patrick and Republican leadership snatched millions of dollars in benefits from retired teachers, claiming that they couldn’t afford to pay for the benefits they’d promised.

That’s a rotten move.

Then, just this month, GOP leaders announced that – oops! – Texas has $2.4 billion more than they estimated in January. And yet, Republican leaders are making no move to mend their broken promises.

Governor Abbott has the power to call a special session of the Texas Legislature and keep Texas’ promise to retired teachers. He won’t.

Dan Patrick could apologize and pledge to restore the benefit plans that retired teachers are counting on. He won’t.

Texas Republican leaders remain openly hostile to teachers and refuse accountability. It would cost a fraction of the $2.4 billion to keep our promises to teachers. Republican leaders won’t.

I am running for Texas Lt. Governor to safeguard our finances and make sure all Texans are treated fairly. We will restore retired teacher benefits, and prevent financial mismanagement with simple best practices and quarterly revenue estimates.

And above all, we’ll keep our promises.


Mike's Update | Posted on October 30, 2017