Dan Patrick is already accusing me of lying. Our strategy is working!

In the Corpus Christi Caller-Times yesterday, Dan Patrick accused me of lying.

My strategy of calling him out boldly is working.

Instead of taking responsibility for his failure to protect homeowners devastated by Hurricane Harvey, he points the finger at everyone else. It's classic Dan Patrick: deny everything, point fingers, lay blame, dodge accountability, and if someone catches you, say they're lying.

He knows we're onto him. That's why he's scrambling to find a way to blame someone else for his failed leadership. He doesn't want us telling the truth – that he'd rather score meaningless political points than actually help the people of Texas get their hurricane-damaged property re-appraised.

We've already drawn Dan Patrick into this fight and I'm not letting up. Texans are holding him accountable, and come election day, we're going to show him the door.


Mike's Update | Posted on October 18, 2017