This is exciting! Experts are already weighing in.

This is getting exciting! Even though the election is a year away, respected election experts are already taking note.

University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus told the Weatherford Democrat that Dan Patrick and I are "a stark contrast.”

Per Rottinghaus, I am "a no-nonsense political player.”

And Dan Patrick?

"The king of political theater.”

Texans have had enough. It's time for Dan Patrick to go.

We've taken the fight to Dan Patrick, hitting him right where it hurts. And momentum is building.

Texans are finding out that Dan Patrick has been raising property taxes and deceiving voters about it. They want him gone, and the experts are seeing it!

We can send Dan Patrick packing. And when he's gone, we can start solving so many problems, not only property taxes and education.

(And no, we'll never have hateful, wasteful, bigoted bathroom nonsense on my watch.)


Mike's Update | Posted on October 15, 2017