Insult to Injury: Texans hit by Harvey are now paying for Dan Patrick's bathroom obsession

Not every Texas homeowner was hit by Hurricane Harvey. But every Texan better listen up:

It is illegal to force a homeowner to pay taxes on a ruined home – the Texas Constitution clearly states that property taxes shall be based on market value.

Yet we learned today that some appraisal districts "can't afford" to re-appraise homes ruined by Harvey.

So... what? Homeowners whose lives were wrecked by Harvey will just be forced to pay unjust, unreasonable taxes? That's wrong.

Here's the rub:

*Dan Patrick could have addressed this before the storm.The Lege had bills ready to go.

*And he ignored his responsibility. He was too busy dividing Texans with his absurd bathroom obsession.

*So now, in addition to ruined homes, hardworking families have to contend with unfair, excessive taxes.

Texans – literally – can't afford to keep Dan Patrick. He's shown us over and over that he will not put hardworking Texans first – especially if he can put on a show for his extremist pals and corporate sponsors.

But Texans can strike back by firing Dan Patrick!


Mike's Update | Posted on October 9, 2017