I smelled a rat, and I was right

When Dan Patrick voted to decimate public education, I knew something was terribly wrong. Property taxes were skyrocketing, yet Dan Patrick (falsely) claimed we were running out of money.

That was 2011, and I smelled a rat. So I analyzed our state's books. And they stink to high heaven.

So today I'm kicking off a statewide tour to reveal this unmistakable fact: Republicans led by Dan Patrick have been using runaway property taxes -- taxes from hardworking families intended for public schools – and used that money for corporate tax breaks.

Saturday at midnight marks a major fundraising deadline for our campaign. With your support, we can beat Dan Patrick, fund our schools, and lower property taxes.

I'm letting everyone know, in no uncertain terms, that as Lt. Governor, I will fight to close big corporate loopholes and use that money for public education and property taxes cuts – for homeowners and small businesses.

That means those corporate lobbyists aren't going to give my campaign one thin dime.

That's fine with me, because I'm counting on grassroots supporters like you.

Donate now to break up the political machine that takes our school tax money and uses it to reduce corporate taxes!

Mike's Update | Posted on September 29, 2017