Texas Proud. Very Proud.

When I started saying ‘Texas Proud' on the campaign trail, hurricanes were the furthest thing from my mind.

But over the past few days, ‘Texas Proud' has come to mean so much more. I've seen Texans deal with Harvey's devastation and respond with inspiring strength and compassion.

I've seen children volunteer to make sandwiches – thousands of them – for their exhausted neighbors.

I've seen young people navigate around flood debris to deliver food and water to volunteers.

I've seen home builders organize a massive project to collect and distribute water and food, with donations from hundreds of miles away.

I've seen volunteers risk their lives to save perfect strangers.

I've seen first responders give all they've got to help people in need, asking nothing in return.

And I've seen American flags everywhere amid the devastation, as if to say, "You've knocked us down -- but we're not out!"

I've seen the heart of Texas this week. And more than ever, I'm Texas Proud.

Yet there is so much more to do! Please consider donating to these organizations to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts:

Hurricane Harvey relief fund

The Texas Diaper Bank

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

Houston SPCA

Thank you very much, and stay safe!


Mike's Update | Posted on September 6, 2017