The politicians are rigging the game

"Heads I win, tails you lose."

When it comes to elections, politicians are rigging the game.

Gerrymandering, unregulated campaign donations from big corporations, and unconstitutional voter ID laws. That's why Texans have a Legislature that doesn't serve the people.

Let's fix that: Chip in $7 right now and give Texas the democracy that we deserve.

And you know what else? Texas has now spent more than $3.5 million defending its voter ID laws – losing in court every time.

That's millions of dollars that could be spent on our children's schools. Unacceptable.

When politicians think they're unbeatable, they cause all kinds of trouble. They just don't listen to what the people want.

As your next Lt. Governor, I'll fight for reforming our election laws. No more gerrymandering. No more unconstitutional voter ID laws. And campaign finance rules that empower regular folks, not big corporations.

Chip in $7 right now and let's get this done for Texas.

Mike's Update | Posted on August 24, 2017