Dan Patrick flunks AGAIN

Once again, a legislative session comes and goes, and Dan Patrick flunks on property taxes and school finance reform. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as he has every time.

Patrick forced an expensive special session on taxpayers to push a divisive agenda that won’t strengthen a single school, won’t fix our property tax system, and made businesses think twice about Texas.

I’m running to be your Lt. Governor because I believe in solving problems, not playing divisive and, in some cases dangerous, political games. As Lt. Governor my top priorities will be to reform school finance, protect retired teachers from financial ruin, and fix our broken property tax system.

But I can’t get it done without your support. We’re building a movement to tackle the big issues facing Texas communities and make Texas proud again. Donate now and help us spread our message to Texans all across our great state!

I promise you this: I will never put politics ahead of what’s best for our children, for our schools, or for our communities. I’m proud to be your candidate for Lt. Governor, and with your support we will beat Dan Patrick and make Texas Proud.


Mike's Update | Posted on August 16, 2017