RIGHT NOW: We're fired up in Dallas!

Today, I spoke to the Texas Young Democrats. These high school and college students, leaders, and professionals are personally invested in creating a brighter future for our state.

This crowd of young and engaged Texans are sick and tired of a government that doesn’t work for them. Chip in right now to stand with them!

Young Texans know that Dan Patrick’s bathroom bill is just a way to spread hatred and divisiveness. Instead of strengthening our schools and creating good paying jobs that will keep young people in Texas, Dan Patrick wants to be the state's top bathroom cop.

As Lt. Governor, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I’ll be working to ensure we have the strong schools and a strong economy for a brighter future. And I’m working to fix our broken property tax system and fund education – while protecting the working and the middle class from tax increases.

I am so inspired by the movement that young Texas’ activists are building. They’re ready to shake up our state and be a force for good.

Together we can take back our state – and it starts with firing Dan Patrick!

We’re making steady progress towards our goal to raise $22,000 by the end of the month – donate today and let’s send the message that Dan Patrick has got to go!

Mike's Update | Posted on August 12, 2017