Dan Patrick vs. our Texas teachers

In Texas, a deal is a deal. At least it used to be.

Now that Dan Patrick is in charge, nearly 300,000 retired teachers in Texas are facing outrageous increases in premiums, costs, and deductibles.

Retired teachers and their families survive on fixed incomes. Not one retired teacher ever imagined that devoting their lives to teaching Texas’ children could lead to financial ruin.

But Dan Patrick is forcing retired teachers to choose between critical health services and putting food on their table.

That’s unacceptable. I’m setting a goal to raise $22,000 by the end of the month to send the message that Dan Patrick has got to go. Donate $7 today and let’s fire Dan Patrick!

Dan Patrick found $2.5 billion to give away to big corporations, yet he refuses to find a fraction of that to keep our promise to retired teachers. He’s spending his days dreaming up ideological nonsense to divide Texans instead of fixing this health care funding shortfall. And it’s costing taxpayers a million bucks during the special session!

Texans are fed up with Patrick’s divisiveness. They want a leader who knows how to bring people together, get things done, and respects our teachers, workers, and women.
Let's show teachers we honor their service. Chip in today to fire Dan Patrick!

Mike's Update | Posted on August 9, 2017