Sign the petition: Protect health care in rural Texas!

Many Texans live miles and miles from the nearest hospital. If Congress passes the Senate Republicans’ health plan, it will mean huge cuts to Medicaid and closing the doors of even more of our rural hospitals.

That's just wrong – rural Texans deserve our support, not attacks on their health care.

Please join me and sign my petition to protect rural communities’ health care!

Texas’ rural communities are all but forgotten. People in every corner of our state should have access to critical services. We can’t leave them hanging.

Already 8% of our rural hospitals have closed permanently or for a long period of time, and that number is going to increase unless we raise our voices to demand better.

As Lt. Governor, I’m going to fight for policies that give every Texan access to affordable health care. Add your name to protect health care in rural Texas!

Mike's Update | Posted on July 24, 2017