I'm standing up to Dan Patrick RIGHT NOW!

It's time to stop the nonsense. I'm at the Texas Capitol RIGHT NOW registering my opposition to Dan Patrick's job killing bathroom bill. It's time to put Texans and Texas values first, instead of prioritizing partisan political pandering. Will you join me in our movement to fire Dan Patrick?

His job-killing bathroom bill is unconscionable. He’s picking a big, ugly fight over bathrooms during our 30-day special session – and it’s a disgrace.

The laws governing bathroom behavior are already established and working quite well. What’s the problem he’s trying to solve? It doesn’t exist.

Patrick’s bigoted and intolerant bill will only serve to scare off businesses and threaten the health and safety of transgender Texans.

That’s why I’m fighting back.

If Dan Patrick can’t focus on the real issues facing Texans, it’s time for him to go. Chip in now to join our movement to make Texas Proud!

What the Texas Legislature needs to focus on in this special session is reforming our property taxes, creating good paying jobs, and supporting our public schools and our teachers.

It’s costing our state $33,000 a day for Dan Patrick to pick his fight over bathrooms. That’s what I call messing with Texas—and any politician who messes with Texas cannot survive.

Let’s make it happen. Chip in now to join my fight for all Texans!

Mike's Update | Posted on July 21, 2017