Sign my petition: Stand up for our teachers!

You can’t have great schools without great teachers – and the Texas public education system is among the worst in the country. We’re settling for treating our teachers with unbelievable disrespect and it’s got to stop.

I’m calling on the Texas Legislature to make teachers and schools their top priority.

Will you join me? Sign the petition to stand up for our Texas teachers!

Dan Patrick recently announced a shell game of a plan to support Texas teachers. Instead of offering solutions for our school funding crisis, his plan is about shuffling money between accounts and pretending that it’s more money.

At home, you can’t pay one credit card with another credit card and pretend you’ve actually made progress on your bills. There’s no magic money.

Patrick can’t expect schools that are already strapped for cash to reallocate funds. Texans – both Democrats and Republicans – agree: We need to boost funding to make sure that salaries keep the best and brightest Texas teachers in our schools and keep our commitment to protect retirees’ pensions.

Teachers are educating the Texans of tomorrow. We need to stand up for them today.

As Lt. Governor, I’ll be a voice for great schools and great teachers. Add your name to join my fight for our Texas teachers!

Mike's Update | Posted on July 19, 2017