The mess in Austin (and what I would do about it.)

After Dan Patrick refused to do his job, lawmakers are back in Austin for a special session.

There is so much at stake. As Lt. Governor, I would use my real world experience to bring Texans together and find honest solutions to help teachers, small business owners, and working families.

If I were Lt. Governor and had a 30-day special session, here’s what I would do:

Stand up for public schools and teachers. It takes great teachers to build great schools – the future of Texas depends on it. As Lt. Governor, I’d make sure schools had the resources to pay teachers, decrease class sizes, use specialists, and make Texas public education the best in the country.

Make property taxes fair again. Texas homeowners should not have to suffer huge property tax increases just to pay for large corporate tax breaks. As Lt. Governor, I’d fight to close the loopholes and stop the massive corporate tax cuts that line the pockets of out-of-state investors at the expense of Texas homeowners and small businesses.

I would never waste time on political pandering. I’d focus on solving problems with integrity and compassion. Dan Patrick is pushing an agenda that targets people for discrimination, attacks workers’ rights, panders to extremists, and halts our progress toward making Texas number one!

Where are the real solutions to our problems?

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Mike's Update | Posted on July 18, 2017