We're just getting started!

I've been on the road for months listening to Texans across the state – and we’re just getting started!

One thing comes through loud and clear at every stop: Texans want common sense leadership.

Dan Patrick has tossed common sense out the window to play political games – rather than bringing us together to solve problems. It’s downright dangerous.

As Lt. Governor, I’ll solve the real problems Texans face with honesty and compassion. I’ll fix our public schools and our broken property tax system. I’ll fight for good paying jobs in every corner of the state.

It’s about solving problems by bringing people together.

It’s time that we put the partisan nonsense aside and do what’s right for Texas. That's why folks are standing up and joining our fight all across this state.

I can't do this alone. Are you in? Make a donation right away and let's get Texas moving in the right direction!

Mike's Update | Posted on July 11, 2017