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Mike Collier: For Lt. Governor

I made it official

I made it official

Photo by Casey Chapman Ross

After months of traveling this great state, and talking with hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life, I announced this weekend that I am running for Lt. Governor of Texas.

Put simply, Texans want a Lt. Governor that will make them proud.

Appearing before a great crowd in Round Rock’s Main Street Plaza, I made my case why Dan Patrick has to go.

Mike Collier making his announcement for Lt. Governor

We’ve told him – we’ve demanded – that he work on great public schools.

We’ve told him – we’ve demanded – that he fix school finance and make property taxes fair again.

We’re running out of water. Our traffic is awful. And we’re taking on debt.

And what has our Lt. Governor been working on?

Bathrooms. School vouchers. A “Show me your papers” law.

Bottom line? He’s not serving ordinary Texans like you and me. He’s done nothing to bring Texans together to solve real problems.

Well, we’re going to hold him accountable. And I’m going to make the case for why I’d do a better job:

We’re going to fix property taxes.

We’re going to end corruption once and for all.

We’re going to fix our public education system for our children – and we’re going to do it by treating our teachers right.

We’re going to make Texas Proud.

I intend to run hard, fight with everything I’ve got, and win. With your support, I know we can win.

Texas Proud,


Posted on June 19, 2017.

Texas needs a leader who will hold the politicians accountable and stand up for every single one of us.

Mike CollierFor too long, Texas politicians have been more interested in their political ambition than in doing right by the hard working people of our state. Texas needs leaders who have the courage to tell taxpayers the truth and who have the know-how to hold the Texas politicians accountable.

As a business leader, financial professional, and Texas Democrat concerned about our future, Mike will be the kind of independent Lt. Governor we need fighting for us.

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