Dear politicians in Austin: You're doing it wrong


You’d think after all the flack Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has taken from Texans of every stripe for his outrageous, pandering nonsense, in the end he’d back down and let the state Legislature go home.

But no. Lt Governor Dan Patrick won’t rest until he’s ruined our state’s fine reputation with a bathroom bill that titillates his hard right supporters but offends the vast majority of sensible Texans.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s midnight parliamentary maneuver to keep his bathroom bill alive, over the objections of his own party, will waste $1 million of taxpayer money and rain further embarrassment down on our state.

Bullies like Dan Patrick are a disaster. Chip in now and let’s fight back!

One thing is clear in all this chaos: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has forfeited his moral authority to lead. Instead of getting things done, he forced this special session to push his divisive legislative agenda above all other priorities.

We need a Lt. Governor who will bring Texans together—the business community, working and middle class families, and those on both sides of the aisles—not someone who crams his ideology down our throats at great cost (financial and reputational) to our state.

Donate now, join my team, and together let’s be Texas Proud!

Mike's Update | Posted on June 13, 2017