What happened in the TX Lege?

Texas’ 85th Legislature wrapped up on Monday evening. It was the worst legislative session in Texas history thanks to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who…

  • Killed school funding reform, offered by members of his own party;

  • Failed to propose honest solutions to our property tax crisis;

  • Passed a show-me-your-papers bill that was rejected by every big-city police chief in the state;

  • Was a bully with his bathroom bill and a blockhead with his voucher scheme, both of which were killed by fellow Republicans;

  • Did nothing to halt Texas’ slide into debt, or to reassure retired teachers that the state would honor its commitments;

  • Cut deeply into higher education funding, setting the stage for tuition increases;

  • Blurred the lines between church and state, alarming many church-going Texans;

  • Did not utter a word about water infrastructure. Or roads. Or access to affordable healthcare.

Those of us who are Texas Proud view Dan Patrick as an unspeakably bad Lt. Governor.

Instead of working honestly and with a purpose to make our state better, Dan Patrick promoted hate and suspicion to cling to power. In doing so he forfeited what little moral authority he had as a leader.

It’s time Texans elected a Lt. Governor who will bring all Texans together, to be worthy of a state whose name literally means “friend,” and to build a better future for all of us.

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Mike's Update | Posted on May 31, 2017