Give all Texas kids the same chance my boys had

As parents, Suzanne and I know how lucky we are.

Our two sons did well in public school and went on to study at UT (Hook ‘em!). Suzanne always read to them when they were little, and that gave them a great start.

We did everything we could to ensure they had a chance in life. And we want every parent in Texas to know they can do the same.

But many Texas families are struggling – working long hours to make ends meet – and they don’t have time to read to their young children.

That’s why Texas should prioritize Pre-K. We can ensure a brighter future for every child, giving them tools they need to succeed. They have the chance to learn, to become the people their mothers and fathers dream of.

Our Lt. Governor Dan Patrick could care less about helping people. He’s too busy sowing discord, pitting Texans against each other, and clinging to power.

We need a Lt. Governor who understands what Texas families are going through, and who will find ways to help. Chip in now to join my team and let’s fight for Texas families!

Together let’s lift up kids so that they all get the same opportunities my boys had growing up. Texas can’t wait any longer.

Donate now, and let’s make Texas Proud!

Mike's Update | Posted on May 26, 2017