Does he think it's Monopoly money?

Listen to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick long enough, and you might think he’s playing a board game instead of managing the Texas budget.

One gimmick after another. Shuffling money from account to account, from year to year, to cover up his big giveaways to special interests and big corporations.

They’re putting corporate welfare first in one legislative session, only to wring their hands and say we don’t have enough funds for education and infrastructure the next.

When corporate welfare comes before good paying jobs and fixing our schools here in Texas, we’ve got a problem.

I’ve been advocating for a common sense, business-like approach to our state budget for years. But Dan Patrick and his Republican friends in the Senate have been using fuzzy math and Enron-style accounting to kick the can down the road. His budgeting gimmicks put our state in danger of more cuts to education, water infrastructure, and other priorities.

I’ve got one message for Dan Patrick: This isn’t Monopoly money, Dan. You’re playing with the lives of real people.

Patrick has spent more time chasing headlines than he has putting Texas first.

We need a change—a business leader who will put Texans first, take things seriously, and fix our broken politics.

Mike's Update | Posted on May 4, 2017