Our water is at stake

Every Texan knows that when a drought hits it can be devastating. But how many Texans fully realize that our water needs (for industrial, agricultural, residential, and recreational use) are not keeping up with the demand?

Texas will run out of water, period. Yet Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has wasted an entire legislative session pandering to his radical base rather than addressing our most basic challenges, like water.

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Dan Patrick and his cohorts seem obsessed with everything under the sun except the prosperity of our great state.

I want to change that. I’m running for Lt. Governor to make sure Texas’ future is bright for all of us. I want to bring Texans together to solve our problems, not drive them apart with controversies engineered to produce votes.

Texans are thirsty for skilled, sincere leadership in Austin.

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Mike's Update | Posted on May 1, 2017