New Poll: Mike Collier vs. Dan Patrick

Courtney here from Team Collier. We have great news!

A new Texas Lyceum poll just came out, and Mike Collier is AHEAD of Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor.

Of course, nearly half of Texans are undecided – so this is our chance to strike while the iron is hot.

Will you donate right now to put Mike on the path to victory over Dan Patrick?

Check this out:

This poll is great news, but it’s not surprising.

All across Texas, Mike and I have been hearing from voters of all political stripes who are tired of Dan Patrick’s failed ideas and divisive politics. They want a competent leader who can focus on producing jobs, encouraging small business growth, standing up for our schools, and bringing Texans together.

This poll shows our message to voters is resonating. But with so many undecided voters, we still have work to do to ensure we kick Dan Patrick out of office once and for all.

Chip in right now and let’s take this fight to the next level!

Courtney Grigsby, Team Collier

Mike's Update | Posted on April 19, 2017