About those bathrooms

If Dan Patrick cares about the Texas Miracle, he’s got a rotten way of showing it.

Instead of creating good paying jobs, Patrick is wasting the entire Legislature’s time on a bathroom bill that few Texans think we need. Does he really think bathrooms should be his top priority?

Dan Patrick’s bathroom bill won’t create ONE. SINGLE. JOB.

If anything, it will kill off thousands of jobs when businesses reconsider investing here, or bringing conventions and special events here, or even traveling here.

Texas has the world’s best business leaders. And Dan Patrick ain’t one of them.

He doesn’t even know that Texas businessmen and women are leaders when it comes to respect for diversity and being inclusive. That’s why the business community is dead set against Dan Patrick’s awful bathroom bill.

And that’s also why we simply must send Dan Patrick back to radio entertainment land where he can pander to his audience all he wants without being a threat to our great state.

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Mike's Update | Posted on March 9, 2017