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Mike Collier: Fighting for Texas

Hegar: "The numbers get really hard..."

Senator Glenn Hegar would be excused for wanting to go into hiding right about now.

His own campaign manager has been pleading with reporters, saying that Glenn Hegar's Sales Tax plan isn't really Glenn Hegar's at all. And his defenders have argued that he couldn't possibly have been proposing a sales tax that's more than double our current sales tax.

But now, another Tea Party video has surfaced making it crystal clear that Senator Hegar knew exactly what he was proposing -- in his words, "18 percent? Up to 18.5 percent?"

Check it out.

We're not letting him dodge, duck, and distract on this one.

I'll say it again: Senator Hegar, you've traveled the state talking to Tea Party audiences about your grand plan to abolish the property tax and replace it with a sales tax.

Well, let's debate it, Glenn. Just you and me. Pick a Tea Party meeting and I'll show up. This is just a bad idea for Texas, that I'm confident that even your Tea Party friends will agree with me -- you've stepped in it this time.


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Posted on March 27, 2014.

Texas needs business leaders to hold politicians accountable.

Mike CollierFor too long, Texas politicians have been more interested in their political ambition than in doing right by the hard working people of our state. Texas needs leaders who have the courage to tell taxpayers the truth and who have the know-how to hold the Texas politicians accountable.

The election may be over, but our work isn't done. As a business leader, financial professional, and devoted Texan concerned about our future, Mike is the kind of independent leader we need fighting for us.

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