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Collier for Texas Comptroller

Mike Collier announces for Comptroller

Independent, Pro-Business Democrat Releases First Ad: “Watchdog”

Independent, pro-business Democrat Mike Collier, a former partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and a former CFO at Layline Petroleum, today officially kicked off his campaign for Texas Comptroller with his first ad, “Watchdog.”

Get the fact sheet here (pdf).

Here in Texas, our economy is booming. But no matter how successful we are, our politicians just can’t seem to get it right,” says Collier in “Watchdog,” which begins airing today in a statewide online buy.

As an independent, pro-business Democrat with experience in the energy sector, Collier would not be beholden to the status quo that seemingly produces an endless stream of ambitious legislators and dubious results. At PwC, Collier was a “cop on the beat,” holding his business clients accountable and would do the same with the Texas legislature.

If you want the government you deserve, instead of the circus you’ve been getting, and a Comptroller with the courage to tell you the truth and the know-how to hold the politicians accountable, then I hope you’ll join us. I’m Mike Collier, the watchdog,” says Collier in the ad.

As Comptroller, Collier be a watchdog for Texas taxpayers by holding the legislature accountable. As an independent, pro-business Democrat, he will return the Comptroller's office to the innovative and independent force it was under Bob Bullock and John Sharp by keeping politics out of the revenue estimate and bringing back the Texas Performance Reviews that saved taxpayers $8.5 billion.

After a brief stint at Exxon, Mike Collier served in the audit practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers for 10 years, the last two years he spent as top aide to the PwC World Chairman. He finally served as a Partner for 10 years in Houston where he led a team of 25 professionals providing Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence, structuring, and valuation services to some of PwC’s largest and most sophisticated energy clients.

Mike went to Georgetown High School before graduating from the University of Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree and MBA, and played the trumpet in the Longhorn Band. He and his wife Suzanne now live in the Houston area, and have two sons attending UT in Austin.

Posted on October 7, 2013.

Texas needs a watchdog for a Comptroller, not just another ambitious legislator.

Mike CollierFor too long, the people we've hired to mind Texas' tax dollars have been more interested in their political ambition than in holding politicians accountable. Texas needs a Comptroller who has the courage to tell taxpayers the truth and who has the know-how to hold the Texas legislature accountable.

As a business leader, financial professional, and Democrat, Mike will bring a fresh perspective to Texas government and drive real reform in Austin.

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